Short in competition


Prod. Giffoni Innovation Hub and Mosaicon
Produced by Luigi Sales, Andrea Leone and Antonella Di Martino
Directed by Victoria Fiore
Cast: Carmen Martone, Lola Bello Durojaiye, Federica Pirone, Ciro Lucci
Plot: Through an engaging and emotional narrative, the short highlights the difficulties that the protagonist Imma faces in her relationship with her peers: social gap, discomfort and self-exclusion. The support for her comes from one of CESVI’s Houses of Smiles, safe places where children and adolescents living in conditions of poverty, degradation and abandonment receive hospitality, food, education and training.


Prod. Marechiaro Film
Directed by Elisabetta Giannini
Cast: Francesco Di Leva, Morena Di Leva, Miriam Candurro, Carmine Borrino, Adele Pandolfi
Plot: Vittoria is an exuberant thirteen-year-old girl who lives in the province of Naples and dreams of becoming an influencer. Her father, the histrionic Fabrizio, gives her a ticket to walk the red carpet in Venice for her birthday. A bizarre preparation begins: clothes made up of newspaper clippings, manicures, searches for combined outfits, glasses, colored contact lenses and many, many stories on social media! But on the day of the coveted red carpet, Fabrizio’s car takes an unexpected turn on the motorway…


Prod. Enrico Iannaccone and Valeria Monti
Director: Enrico Iannaccone
Plot: Thirty-year-old Silvia’s life is divided between a temporary job, an unsatisfactory romantic relationship and the burdensome commitment of having to look after a mother who, following the death of her carabiniere husband killed in service, has decided to gradually lose any contact with reality. What will save her will not only be the silent and private cultivation of her passion for poetry but above all the awareness that, sometimes, self-love is the only possible form of love to dialogue with the individualisms of others. Even at the cost of making drastic and only apparently selfish choices.