The Gala of Cinema and Fiction in Campania is a format born in Campania thanks to the idea of ​​ Valeria Della Rocca and developed thanks to the collaboration with the Artistic Director Marco Spagnoli and the Campania Region Film Commission . The strength of each edition of the event is the combination of audiovisual and tourism and the intuition that by focusing on the integration between the two it is possible to pursue the economic growth of a territory. Hence the “mission” of the event: to celebrate and reward the television and film productions made in Campania, thus turning the spotlight on a region that is increasingly rediscovered as an ideal location for films and fiction both for its landscapes of unparalleled beauty and for its excellence that in recent years have been achieved in the audiovisual sector.
The Gala of Cinema and Fiction is a unique event in Italy , of which Campania is the leader, because by sensing the importance of film tourism and the incisiveness of images conveyed through the small and the big screen, wants to enhance only the television and cinema productions realized on the Campania territory and through the promotion of audiovisual projects the whole Region, its beauties and its talents is promoted.
Data in hand the Campania Region is increasingly protagonist at national and international level for its film and television productions and this success is recognized and communicated through an event that with debates, workshops, screenings and interviews for a week promotes what is done and we continue to do in the area.
The Gala of Cinema and Fiction approaches and informs young people about the opportunities that the cinema sector offers, explores topics and news in the sector, creates work meetings, gives visibility to young directors to show their works through screenings.
Furthermore, the choice to organize the event in October stems from the precise desire to de-seasonalise the event, so as to expand the cultural offer of the territory even in a period of low seasonality.
The event, in addition to having the Patronages of the Campania Region and the Municipality of Naples, received the value of a regional event by the Campania Region with regional law n ° 2 of 21 January 2010 art.1 paragraph 15 .
The event has an impressive setting as an exceptional location, the Medieval Castle of Castellammare di Stabia, a millenary structure that overlooks the splendid Gulf of Naples with a wonderful view of Mount Vesuvius.