Tonino Pinto


Tonino Pinto’s deep passion for cinema comes from afar, from his family that has been working in the cinema for over eighty years. His long career has seen him protagonist in Italy but also abroad. Journalist since 1972, he has collaborated with the most prestigious magazines such as Corriere della Sera, Il Resto del Carlino, TV smile and songs, Espresso, Messaggero, Mattino and Gazzetta di Mezzogiorno. For the radio he edited a series of programs such as “Good afternoon” “Film jokey”, “Ciak”. Since 1976 he has held the position of special RAI correspondent for cinema, entertainment and costume. Expert in international film festivals and events and a deep knowledge of the star system, he has produced over 20,000 reports all over the world with exclusive interviews with the most important artists: Frank Sinatra, Kirk Duglas, Stanley Kubrick, Luciano Pavarotti, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Sofia Loren, Federico Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni He also curated numerous documentaries and was finally Commercial Director for Italica Cinematografica, Head of the Mega Film Press Office, overseeing the launch of over 300 films and consultant for important national and international companies and agencies. He collaborated with Rai Isoradio and was a columnist for cinema on Sky tg24. For three years he has been a critic and film commentator for the New York Radio Free Station.