Teresa Marchesi


Teresa Marchesi graduated in Philosophy in Rome but soon abandoned her university career and historical essays to dedicate herself to journalism. Collaborator of La Repubblica since the birth of the newspaper, he wrote for L’Espresso and for various publications up until 1987, the year in which the new RG TG3 was launched. For TG3, he followed the major cinema and music events for 27 years as Special Envoy. As a director he directed the documentaries Effedi-On my bad road, on Fabrizio De Andrà (presented at the Rome Film Festival and at Lincoln Center in New York, Nastro d’Argento Speciale) and Pivano Blues, on Fernanda Pivano (presented at the Exhibition of the Cinema of Venice, official selection “Italian Panorama”, prize of the Jury of the Biografilm Festival). He is currently the signature of Huffington Post Italia for film criticism and is finalizing a new job for Palomar.