Gala of Cinema and Fiction in Campania 2014

Also this year the appointment with the Cinema and TV drama in Campania is renewed, which like every edition launches a new topic linked to cinema. This year we have always kept the interest in the web series alive, but we decided to dedicate a special focus to Food. Facing this subject in a cinematic perspective was an idea that stimulated me a lot since there are so many films shot in Italy and especially in Campania, where food is the protagonist or at least an integral part of a film or fiction . Transmitting sensorial experiences linked to food through the audiovisual sector strengthens the will of a tourist to visit a place not only from a landscape, but also from a culinary point of view. Famous actors and directors have chosen Campania to shoot their films where food has been a driving force, from the Gold of Naples with Sofia Loren, to Eat Pray and Love with Julia Roberts and many others. Italy will host one of the most important events from next year, which is the EXPO whose theme is nutrition, discussing how to nourish ourselves by seizing the particularities of each country, has given me the inspiration to dedicate a showcase to this theme focusing on Campana gastronomy. Italy through its films will celebrate these excellences, from pizza, to mozzarella, from wines to limoncello and much more. This is a challenge that I love to face in a “land of fires” that wants to redeem itself and that deserves special attention by celebrating its excellence and uniqueness that are only found in southern Italy.

The 2014 Special Awards:
Special Award for Artistic Excellence – Peter Greenaway
Special Award for Artistic Excellence – Pupi Avati
Special Best Journalist of the Year Award – Miriam Mauti
Special Soundtrack Award – Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi
Special Career Award – Enzo D’Alà
Special Best Fiction Actress Award of the year – Anna Valle
Special Award for Best Actor of Fiction of the year – Giuseppe Zeno
Social Commitment Special Award – Euridice Axen
Special Rising Star Award – Elena Santarelli
Special Social Commitment Award – Erminia Manfredi
Special Award Best Actress of the Year – Chiara Francini
Banca Stabiese Award – Gianfelice Imparato

Awards 2014:

Best Film – Song ‘and Napule by Antonio and Marco Manetti
Best Cinema Actor – Luca Zingaretti (Perez. by Edoardo De Angelis)
Best Cinema Actress – Simona Tabasco (Perez. by Edoardo De Angelis)
Best Fiction – Gomorrah by Stefano Sollima, Francesca Comencini and Claudio Cupellini
Best Fiction Actor – Marco D’Amore (Gomorrah)
Best Fiction Actress – Maria Pia Calzone (Gomorrah)
Best Web Series – The effects of Gomorrah on the people of The Jackal


Fulvia Caprara Journalist La Stampa
Daniele Cesarano Cinematographic screenwriter and former President of the Film and Television Associated Writers (SACT)
Enrico Magrelli Journalist, film critic, Conservator of the National Film Archive, deputy director of the Bari festival, Venice Festival selector
Tonino Pinto Journalist of cinema, entertainment and culture
Pasquale Sommese Councilor for Tourism, Campania Regional Council
Giustino Fabrizio Director of the Republic of Naples
Riccardo Grandi Director
Alessandro Cecchi Paone Italian television presenter and journalist