Gala of Cinema and Fiction in Campania 2012

At its fifth edition the Gala of Cinema and Fiction continues to support the work of those who work in the audiovisual sector in Campania: our intent continues to be that of wanting to celebrate the talent of operators and professionals in the sector, but above all, to show off the many excellences present in our region. Despite the economic crisis, in fact, the great creativity that characterizes our territory shines once again, bringing important stories full of emotions, fun and strongly characterized by a great derived humanity to small and big screen, it is good to remember, from the great school of directors and interpreters who are Naples and the whole Campania

The Special Prizes:
Special prize for photography – Luca Bigazi
Special award for director of the year – Gianni Amelio
Special journalist of the year award – Fulvia Caprara
Special prize for film and fiction acting – Daniele Liotti
Special Prize for the best short for the promotion of the territory – The most beautiful promenade in the world
Special award for best documentary of the year – Napoli 24
Special prize for best actor in film, television and theater – Mariano Rigillo
Banca Stabiese Award – Gaetano Amato
Best actor of cinema 2009 – Libero De Rienzo


Best Film – Reality
Best drama actress – Loredana Simioli (Reality)
Best drama actor – David Coco (Nauta)
Best comedy actress – Cristiana Capotondi (La Kryptonite in the Stock Exchange)
Best comedy actor – Maurizio Casagrande (The woman of my life – Napoletans)
Best fiction – Caruso The voice of love
Best fiction actress – Bianca Guaccero (The Enzo Tortora case Where were we?)
Best fiction actor – Gianluca Terranova (Caruso – The voice of love)


Enrico Magrelli Conservator of the National Film Archive, Deputy Director of the Bari Festival, Venice Festival Selector
Daniele Cesarano President Writers Associated with Cinema and Television (SACT)
Tonino Pinto Journalist
Guglielmo Mirra Director of Teatro Diana
Cinzia Th Torrini Actress and Director
Antonio Martusciello Commissioner of the Authority for Communications Guarantees
Virman Cusenza Director of Il Mattino
Antonio Oddati Director of the Campania Regional Council, Coordinator

Riccardo Grandi Director
Enrico Vanzina Director