Gala of Cinema and Fiction in Campania 2010

The third edition of the Gala of Cinema and Fiction in Campania wants to live up to the success of previous editions, responding to the enthusiasm and affection of the experts and the public, through the proposal of an increasingly rich program of contents.

The Campania Region has been the protagonist in these last two years of great cinema and television productions of quality and effect. Naples and Campania have been important sets of films, also of international importance such as Eat, pray and love with Julia Roberts, and very followed fiction, as evidenced by the special prizes and titles in the competition this year, a won challenge that drives us every year to invest more and more in this project.

A goal that we have achieved in just two editions was to see the inclusion of the cinema and fiction gala in Campania among the six institutional events of the Region: a sign of appreciation and great encouragement to continue on this path, having at our side the institutions that, as happens only in countries with a great tradition like France, support the cultural industry, ideas and contents regardless of their political orientation in a clear and transparent manner. A choice to which we are grateful as cultural operators and citizens, which obliges us to increasingly greater responsibility with regard to work on the territory and as a showcase of regional excellence in the audiovisual sector, thanks to the cordial and active commitment of the Campania Region Film Commission, of the its Director General Maurizio Gemma, as well as all his collaborators.

To present the opportunities and possibilities represented by the audiovisual sector for Campania entrepreneurship, will be the representatives of Anica, the most important trade association of the audiovisual industry in Italy, the “guru” of product placament in Italy, Marina Marzotto and the producer who attracted some of the main Hollywood productions in our area, Marco Valerio Pugini.

Another piece to help us discover our territory is a fam trip with two location managers who will discover hidden corners of our city for a movie tour dedicated to cinema and the history of Naples. We also thank Marco Spagnoli, who for the third time follows with great commitment the artistic direction of the event, which together with the Solaria Service team, the sponsors and the press office, shares the vision and the goal of slowly increasing the Gala of cinema and fiction to become the main event in Naples and Campania, timidly turning its gaze to the national team because when projects are done well, they can also be exported to other regions.

The Special Awards:
Artistic excellence – Gianfelice Imparato
Female entrepreneurial excellence in film and television – Ida di Benedetto
Artistic excellence in directing for the short film – Valeria Golino Armandino e il Madre
TV actor – Antonio Cupo
Director of the Year for the film Sul Mare – Alessandro D’Alatri
Movie actor of the year for films Baaria and Vallanzasca – Francesco Scianna
Emerging film actor for the film Sul Mare – Dario Castiglio
Emerging film actress for the film Tutto l’amore del mondo – Miryam Catania
Cinema and theater – Tosca D’Aquino
Tv & theater – Sebastiano Somma
Screenwriter of the year – Ivan Cotroneo
Production company of the year – Cattleya
Documentary of the year for Passion of John Turturro – Carlo Macchitella
Promotion of the image of Campania in the world for films film Eat, Pray, Love e Angeli & Demoni – Marco Valerio Pugini
Promotion of Italian Cinema and Fiction – Universal Pictures Italia


The prices:

Best Film Award – L’Amore Buio
Best Fiction Award – Tutti Pazzi per Amore
Best Actor of Cinema Award – Gianfelice Imparato (Into paradiso)
Best Actor of Fiction Award – Sergio Assisi (Mannaggia alla Miseria)
Best Actress Award in Cinema – Veronica Mazza (La valigia sul letto)
Best Fiction Actress Award – Gabriella Pession (Mannaggia alla Miseria)


Daniele Cesarano President of the Associated Writers Cinema and Television (SACT)
Virman Cusenza Director of Il Mattino
Riccardo Grandi Movie director
Enrico Magrelli National Cineteca Conservatoire, Deputy Director of the Bari Festival, Venice Festival Selector
Antonio Martusciello Commissioner of the Communications Regulatory Authority
Mario Mazzetti Director Vivilcinema
Guglielmo Mirra Director of the Diana Theater
Mattia Nicoletti Journalist and critic of Metro and Leiweb
Anna Pavignano Screenwriter and writer
Pasquale Scialò Composer and Musicologist